9th of December, 2019 (Monday)

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Eos was way off.

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9th of December, 2019 (Monday)
I love it when a plan comes together.
Also, if @KidCthulhu sees this: Sorry, KC, but with the changes your comic host made, it seems I won't be making any more comments on your stuff. They really screwed up with the format change. I'll still be reading! Just... no comments till the host comes to their senses.
Aaaaah! Thanks for this new page Tober :)
Holy moly, things are coming together so nicely! I sense a twist coming up...
Also wait, KidCthulhu has a comic? What is it? If it's ok to share here (and I can't imagine that Tober would mind), please do, I'd love to pick up another comic to read!
Kid Cthulhu
The plot thickens! And the dress thing makes sense now ^_~
I (and about 100 other artists) are horrified about what SmackJeeves did to the site. My comic is in the process of getting ported to ComicFury:
Feel free to drop by if you want to reread from the beginning.
@Tober: when I recreate the Bonus Art page, I'm definitely reposting that Blood Splattered Socks pic I did for a while back. Charlie & The Madness forever!

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